I fixed up the CMake lists file and have set the parity for all speed changes. Can you test that I did these correctly. Also I had a look at the ChangeLaserSpeed method from the old pls driver and the only real difference I could see is the PLS version set the laser to configuration mode first. I have added this to the LMS driver when in PLSMode so see if that helps.


2009/5/14 Nick Hawes <n.a.hawes@cs.bham.ac.uk>
Toby Collett wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> Sorry for the delay, just got a look at your changes. I have added a
> 'pls_mode' flag to the lms200 driver in player trunk. If you set this to
> one in your config file then the correct parity settings etc will be
> used. I did not change all the timeouts yet.
> Can you have a look at svn trunk and see if that gets basic
> communications. There is also a sick driver in the gearbox library that
> is supported by player, Geoff might be able to say what state this is in
> and whether it is better to try fix this instead.

Before I could test this I had to add the lms200 driver into cmake. I


And added the following lines before the driver was defined (just copied
from the lms400, so it could be wrong):

    PLAYERDRIVER_OPTION (sicklms200 build_sicklms200 ON)
    PLAYERDRIVER_OPTION (sicklms200 build_sicklms200 OFF "STL not found.")

I noticed that in ChangeTermSpeed you missed a PLSMode edit for the
38400 case so I added:

if (PLSMode)
    term.c_iflag |= INPCK;
    term.c_iflag &= ~IXOFF;
    term.c_cflag |= PARENB;

at about line 1046 (without this I got connection errors with the
scanner running at 38400).

The behaviour of the driver in svn is now the same as my edited version:
I can connect to the scanner and access it via player iff I select
connect_rate and transfer_rate to be the rate the scanner is already
running at. In other words the driver cannot change the baud rate. The
1.6.5 pls driver can do this, so I can use sickpls to change the baud
rate from 9600 (which is how it powers on) to 38400 then I can connect
and run successfully with sicklms200 with the pls_mode on and with
connect and transfer rate at 38400. I will try to play
spot-the-difference later on with the two drivers and work out what's
going on here.

Thanks for your time and help!


Dr. Nick Hawes

Lecturer in Intelligent Robotics
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
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