if the simulation time ratio is getting to low numbers like 0.1 then it is a indication of a lack of resources on the PC. You can either up the resources (RAM or CPU, possibly both) or reduce the number of robots. A lot of the resource usage depends on the sensor types, if you can get away without lasers in the simulation then you will save a lot of processing in stage.

2009/4/27 Rebble <hyy19880511@163.com>

  I want to start the robots to move at almost the same time.I tried many
times and found that some times the Player runs well, and some times it
crumps.And when i want to move robots concurrently, the player seems to stop
and goto deadlock. is it because i use too many robots(at present i use 20)?
  besides, when the player is running ,the time it shows always becomes
:sim/real=0.1 or 0.05 and the pc becomes so slow. What't the reason?
 thanx! Regards!

This is no absolute limit on the number of robots, it is possible that the
player server is taking too long to service the incoming requests which is
causing the timeout. Do you subscribe to all the robots at once, and does nd
have any processing to do on setup? If this is the case you could try
putting a delay between each robots startup to see if that helps...


2009/4/23 Rebble <hyy19880511@163.com>:confused::confused:
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