This is no absolute limit on the number of robots, it is possible that the player server is taking too long to service the incoming requests which is causing the timeout. Do you subscribe to all the robots at once, and does nd have any processing to do on setup? If this is the case you could try putting a delay between each robots startup to see if that helps...


2009/4/23 Rebble <>

  again me!
  in my program,when i use 10 robots, everything is OK. But when i use 15
robots, the client program always make error.when i use the GDB ,i find when
it runs to this line:
PlayerClient r10("localhost",6675);
Position2dProxy pp10(&r10,1);//i use nd, so index is used
then the player closed automatically, and shows:
playerc error   : poll call timed out with no data to recieve
playerc error   : incomplete initialization string
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'PlayerCc::PlayerError
I want to know whether the number of robots is limited, since 10 is OK, then
from the eleventh robot player cannot support. In the .cfg file,i just do as
the initial 10 robots.
Anyone knows? Thanx!
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