which distro is this?
Ubuntu (and I guess Debian) use /lib as the 'native' libs and have lib32 and lib64 dirs with the specific archs in them...

So we need a solution which is compatible with both..


2009/3/24 Paul Osmialowski <newchief@king.net.pl>
Hello devels,
Today for a first time I tried to compile client-side program written in
C++ on an x86_64 machine (using Player SVN trunk version). It couldn't be
done due to pkg-config playerc++.pc file. It says one of link-time flags
is -L/usr/lib, which causes proper 64-bit versions of system libraries
couldn't be found since all 64-bit libraries in my multilib environment
are in /usr/lib64 (while /usr/lib is for 32-bit libraries). Easy solution
was to just remove -L/usr/lib flag, which causes all system libraries are
found properly. I suspect (but not sure about it) boost detection cmake
code caused this unnecessary flag to be added, which is still wrong, as
64-bit boost libraries are also in /usr/lib64.


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