can you post the link line from the build and also check the results of ldd on the plugin and see if it is linked to the c++lib at all


2009/3/25 Stefan Stiene <>
how is it possible to create a plugin interface with a c and a c++
client lib. I successfully adapted the provided exampleinterface to my
plugin interface (interface + c client). However I need a c++ client for
the plugin interface. Is there any way to realize this. If a link the
c++ client lib (compiled with gcc) together with the c client lib I get
on runtime:

error   : Failed to load plugin libmodel3dinterf.
error   : libtool reports error:
/home/stefan/local/lib/ undefined symbol:

c++filt _ZTIN8PlayerCc11ClientProxyE gives:
typeinfo for PlayerCc::ClientProxy

If I try to compile the c and the c++ lib with g++ instead of gcc, I get
compiler errors in the autogenerated interface_xdr file.

Best Stefan

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