There were posts on the mailinglist recently about compatibility between stage versions, have a search in the archives. Can you post the steps you are using to build stage. Also when you say stage from svn, I assume you mean trunk?


2009/1/24 Markus Eich <>
Dear all.

I checked out the stage from the svn repo. I cannot build it due to the

In file included from
error: ../libstage/stage_internal.hh: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
In file included from
/home/eich/TelDaBot/stage-TelDaBot/libstageplugin/p_driver.h:42: error:
ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'WorldGui' with no type

seems that this file (stage_internal.hh:) is missing. Can you add it?

Another question is, if this version of stage is compatible with the
version of player from the SVN?



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