I think to achieve this you will need to write an extra client that reads the real robots position and then uses the simulation proxy to set the simulated robots position using SetPose.


2008/10/24 <msv1@email.arizona.edu>
Hi all,
 I'm pretty new to Player, and am trying to use it to control an IRobot Create
for part of my Senior Project at the UofA.  I've gotten the create running and
can control it through playerv.  However, I do not have the physical hardware
for the sensors we will be using for the final product.  I can use simulated
sensors when all of my compenents are simulated, but when I try to connect my
real robot with simulated player rangefinder data, I cannot get the robot to
move according to the simulated data.  I want to picture of my robot on the
screen to move synchronized with the actual robot moving on the floor.  Can
this be done?  If so, any tips on how to set up the configuration file for such
an attempt?

--Matthew Vaterlaus

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