Hi all,
I can't help but notice that the functionality of Stage and Gazebo have a lot of overlap. Both now use opengl for rendering (different toolkits, but same basic tech). Both have code to provide sensing in the world model, and both have some sort of physics model and controllers. The major difference is of course in the physics layer.

With Gazebo's PAL (physics abstraction layer) branch, would it be possible to effectively combine the two projects, make one simulator with gazebo and stage physics layers. If anything is possible here, it would probably be the versions after Stage 3 and gazebo 0.8, but thought I would float the idea and see what the feeling out there was. It is possible that I might be able to find a summer Intern to work on the initial stages of this (our summer is Nov->Feb), but only if there is interest amongst the developers as well.


P.S. I didnt cross post to the Gazebo list, if it is felt that it should be feel free to do so.

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