Does it work every second time you try to connect?
Does it connect every time with the other laser?
Are the two lasers the same (same interface/baud rates etc)? If so, what happens if you jsut change their cables...
Are you running player with -d 9? If not, try it might get mroe info, if yes, try adding some more log statements in the laser init.


2008/6/23 Fred Labrosse <>:
On Sun, 22 June, 2008 10:56 am, Fred Labrosse wrote:
> On Sat, 21 June, 2008 11:47 pm, Toby Collett wrote:
>> is the fresh variable set after the read call?
> I'm not sure to understand how to use that.  Do you have to call
> lp->IsFresh(), use the data if true and then call lp->NotFresh()?
> I discovered in the randomwalk example that there is a loop doing Read()
> until GetCount() is not 0 after the creation of the laser.  I'll give it a
> try later on today.

So I tried that loop and that solves the problem in that it does not claim
a correct connection to a laser since it loops for ever...

I noticed that shutting down player and restarting it solves the problem.
It looks like player (or my client, but it does things very similar to
other examples) is not releasing properly something...

Any idea?  What can I test?


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