A couple of things:
1) You should be able to set the position mode with a property rather than using opaque.
2) If someone comes up with a rational set of different motion types that position 2d needs to support I would be happy to refactor it for 2.2
3) has the message you used to use disapeared from the interface, or just from the client library. If it has just gone from the client lib, it could be added back in for 2.1.2 without breaking compatibility


2008/6/21 Fred Labrosse <ffl@aber.ac.uk>:
When I thought that converting my driver to player 2.1 from 2.0 had been
simple (too simple, see one of my recent posts on the lms200)...

I just realised that the function (and all messages corresponding to that)
SetVelHead in Position2Proxy is gone...

This is a real shame, not because I need to set the heading of my robot
but because I was using this function to control the robot when it is
crabbing.  The robot is essentially a car-like robot with 4 wheel steering
and can crab.

Is the only solution to use an OpaqueProxy to tell the robot to crab or
not from now on and to use the SetCarlike() function?



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