The alternative approach would be to add a filter driver that sites between the p2os and position driver, along the lines of the laser rescan driver. This would mean there is no rework if you wish  to change your motion (say from vfh to nd or some other method) at a later date. Of course if nd is already suitable for your needs then that would seem the simplest option.


2008/6/20 Brian Gerkey <>:

On Jun 19, 2008, at 7:42 AM, yairmov wrote:

> I wan to use the VFH obstacle avoidance algorithm with my Pioneer
> 2DX robot.
> The probles is that, due to its old age, one of the robot's front
> sonars is
> mellfunctioning
> causing the robot to spin around with out moving forward (the sonar
> keeps
> telling it there is an obstacle in front of it)
> I would like to modify either the vfh driver or the p2os driver not
> exclude
> that one sonar.

Instead of vfh, you might try the 'nd' driver, which takes a
'sonar_bad_transducers' option in the .cfg file:

It should also be easy to add such an option to vfh.


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