And if you want to be able to specify additional settings of a driver, try the properties API.

Exception handling is very light in player at the moment, It is something that I would like to see work on for player 2.2/3.0 but will have to see how timing all goes.


2008/5/1 Geoffrey Biggs <>:
If you want a generic request, use the opaque interface.


Paul Osmialowski wrote:
> Yup, that would solve the problem and I guess I'll make use of that.
> However I was thinking about something more generic, as I can imagine more
> situations where server side would be interested in throwing exceptions to
> client side.
> Also a friend of mine asked me about possibility of sending generic
> request to any interface. So far only opaque and ptz interfaces have such
> a request while it would be great to have it for building custom drivers
> (for example, recently I was making camera plugin driver for Canon
> snaposhot camera; there's no way to send "make snapshot" request, so I had
> to violate camera interface a bit; generic request would solve this
> problem without need to change anything inside the interface spec).
> Paul
> On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Jack O'Quin wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 1:57 AM, Paul Osmialowski <> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>  I'm about to redesign Roomba driver a bit so it would be able to force
>>>  docking whenever voltage is below given threshold. Roomba driver provides
>>>  (among others) position2d interface which can be used by a client program
>>>  to read odometry clues. Unfortunately, during docking process odometry
>>>  cannot be read from robots microcontroller, so the driver should not
>>>  publish anything on position2d interface. Is there any generic way for a
>>>  driver to notify client side that it should not read data from given
>>>  interface (or that the driver is in somewhat unstable state and the data
>>>  may have no real meanings)?
>> Maybe not what you had in mind, but the driver could return stalled=1
>> in that situation.

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