A make distclean before an svn update should also do a reasonable job of keeping things clean...


On 19/04/2008, Geoffrey Biggs <gbiggs@killbots.net> wrote:
Thanks to a free Friday afternoon, I've just about merged all the
relevant changes from trunk into the cmake branch. Once this is
complete, it should be relatively trivial to merge the branch into
trunk. The change will probably still be a bit disruptive, though, so
I'd like to set Wednesday (Japan time) for it.

If you have any outstanding changes please commit them before that. Keep
in mind that the cleanest way to transition to across this merge will be
to check out a fresh copy of the source. Subversion will take care off
all the deleted versioned autotools files, but there will be a lot of
generated cruft in your source directory that SVN won't get rid of.


Geoffrey Biggs wrote:
> Toby Collett wrote:
>> P.P.S Geoff, do you want to put a plan/timeline for integrating cmake
>> into trunk to the list?
> Not really, because then I'll have to stick to it, but since I should...
> I probably won't have time until next week at this stage.
> Geoff

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