Sorry for the much delayed response, I hope it is still of some use. Player uses c++ drivers that generally communicate via TCP sockets. This means that you will need a custom protocol for communicating with your robot via the serial port, and then to write a plugin driver for player that wraps that protocol with player interfaces. For the protocol it self this is up to you. For the plugin drivers there are a couple of examples included in the player source tree.


On 20/02/2008, Eshwaran VijayKumar <eshwaran.vijaykumar@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,
     I am an undergraduate student developing a swarm related algorithm using  Player/Stage V2.10 RC1.. I am planning on using a custom built iBot board. to build the real robots. The board in question has been used by people for integration with Microsoft Robot Studio. So I am hoping that it will be possible to integrate the same onto Player/Stage. However, I would like to know how I should go about the process? Are there any tutorials available that can guide me ? Since the key objective of my project is to highlight proof of cooperation between real and virtual robots - I am hoping to be able to virtualize the real robots so that I can add on virtual sensors and just use and command the odometry and motors of the real robot. Any pointers on how I could go about this would be extremely valuable.

Thanks in advance


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