stage itself, when operating with player, is included as a plugin driver that talks via stage's library API. However all the other player drivers and clients use TCP to talk. I am not sure quite what you are trying to do with your system. Generally speaking you would write a player plugin that talks to your specific hardware using whatever method the hardware requires. Then the rest of the player functionality can talk to your hardware. You then create a model in stage to simulate your hardware so the clients etc see no difference between talking to the real robot and the simulated one.

I hope that helps a little, you will probably get more specific answers if you give a bit more detail...


On 18/02/2008, Anders Billesų Beck <> wrote:
Hi All.

I am in a project of rewriting the hardware server, that we use for our
robot-control environment on the Technical University of Denmark. To support
the open ideas of robot software, we intend to make it compatible with

As our architecture is a bit different, we would like to implement our
communication protocol, as player and stage communicates.. But it is hard to
see, if Player and Stage only communicates by including Stage into player as
liberty, or if there is a TCP/IP way of connecting the two programs?

If there is, I would love a hint to, where to look. I've spent days digging
through the documentation and source.

I hope there will be a way for us to join forces and expand the open source
robotics community.

Best regards
Anders Beck
Automation, DTU Electrical Engineering

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