You are right that it hasnt been implemented yet, the usual issue with FOSS that features generally get written as they are needed and we havent needed the update ability yet (Ben works with me which is why I have been answering most of the vectormap questions :)

In theory implementing the update code should be relatively simple, you need to reverse the process of the select query with an insert or update query in the driver, and of course implement the c client library methods for it. As always happy to accept patches for this stuff, but we are not likely to implement it ourselves in the next couple of months.

The only complication of updates, is if you alow modifcation rather than just addition to a layer, then you need to be able to match features by their ID or some such...


On 31/01/2008, Paul Osmialowski <newchief@king.net.pl> wrote:
Hi Toby,
I'm writing this directly to you since you're always replying to my posts
about vectormap interface and postgis driver. From time to time I'm
finding some more free time to look at rarely used features of Player.
Since I'd like to look closer at spatial reasoning, I'm trying to do
anything interesting with vectormap interface and postgis driver. I was
wondering if it is possible to update a layer of postgis map from player
client application. Vectormap interface defines
PLAYER_VECTORMAP_REQ_WRITE_LAYER request. To my surprise, libplayerc does
not provide any function for that request. I wanted to release a patch for
dev_vectormap.c that implements playerc_vectormap_write_layer_data()
function, but right after I started suddenly I got curious how this
request is handled by postgis driver. To my surprise it is handled like
void PostGIS::RequestLayerWrite(player_vectormap_layer_data_t* data)
Now I know why no one implemented write function in the client library.
Something must be changed. Unfortunately I have no idea how it should be
implemented as it is Ben Morelli's driver and I guess only he knows what
should be done there.
At the end I'd like to write simple client application that takes vectors
from subscribed map interface (PLAYER_MAP_REQ_GET_VECTOR request), builds
a layer from those vectors and writes it to the postgis database using
subscribed vectormap interface. That would be for the start (player does
not provide any examples of postgis maps, my converting application would
give me them).


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