This is currently driver specific, but it would be nice to be able to do this. If you are using things like the p2os driver or stage as your base platform you would need to modify the driver to report this info. The best way would probably be to add properties for the extra geometry information you need.


On 30/01/2008, Stephen Balakirsky <> wrote:


I use the same controller to control multiple different classes of robots. I would like to be able to auto-configure my controller's parameters.  To do this, I need more than the robot's size (for example the wheel base, wheel separation, tire radius, ). In addition, I need the full 6-degree-of-freedom pose of my sensors. Is there any way to include this in the configuration file and then retrieve it from the server? Currently I am only able to get a 2-degree-of-freedom pose and the robot width and length. Thanks.





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