Right, I think it is time for some more discussion around this. I am still in favour of JIRA as a bug tracking option. The reports I have heard from people who have used it are all good. It is a powerful app that will allow us to track bugs across multiple versions and OS's without major headaches. Trac  (and many others) do not have a concept of a bug that is fixed in one branch and not another etc...

The other alternative that looks quite nice is launchpad from canonical, however I have not used it heavily and I am not sure about its SVN/CVS support (it primarily targets bazaar).

The main argument I hear against JIRA is that its closed source, I do not see this as a major issue, it is a FOSS friendly company (offering free licenses for FOSS projects), and player is already hosted on a closed source system (sourceforge). Similarly launchpad is closed source.

I have an offer to fund a VPS to run JIRA on from Inro Technologies who I currently work for, and will have a couple of days free over the Christmas break to set it all up, but will need to move quickly to organise the logistics to be able to utilise that period.


On 09/10/2007, Toby Collett <tcollett+player@plan9.net.nz> wrote:
My main reservation about trac is that it has poor support for bugs that exist in multiple versions, multiple OS's etc. I have used trac a lot in the past and it is great for simple projects, but it may not be able to support player as it moves forward in maturity. Also, less importantly trac doesn't support CVS, but we are plannign to move player to svn at some stage anyway.

Thanks for the link, I will have a proper look over the options once player 2.1-RC1 is out and start off some more discussion.


On 01/10/2007, Jordi <mumismo@gmail.com> wrote:

Some time ago there was in this list some discussion about what bug tracking system to use.

Here is a comparison of almost everything :


I personally would choose trac.

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