It sounds like a version conflict, have you also grabbed the CVS version of stage and built it against the CVS player, also make sure some other version of player/stage is not getting picked instead of the one you intend when you build/run it.


On 27/09/2007, Paul Osmialowski <> wrote:

Recently I'm trying to use CVS version more often and it still causes me
new troubles.
On 2.0.4 I was using such a piece of client-side C++ code to change Laser
configuration on Stage:
laser->RequestConfigure(); // get current configuration, since we want
some settings (i.e. Intensity) to remain untouched
laser->Configure(min_angle, max_angle, scan_res, range_res,

I was trying to do the same on CVS version of Player/Stage (with
additional parameter for Configure, as new API requires):
laser->Configure(min_angle, max_angle, scan_res, range_res,
laser->IntensityOn(), laser->GetScanningFrequency());
It fails on client side with these error messages:
playerc error   : got NACK from request
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'PlayerCc::PlayerError'
panic: Aborted -- stopping myself...

On the server side it says:
warn: stage laser doesn't support message 3:5. ( ProcessMessage)
warning : Unhandled message for driver device=16777343:6665:laser:0
type=request subtype=5 len=0

closing TCP connection to client 0 on port 6665
All Stage drivers have been shutdown.

...and the server side is still able to accept new connections.

For both cases I was using everything.cfg world file.


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