The driver constructor looks right, that makes your drive accept the provides line with rfid in it.
The name and plugin parameters in your config file are probably wrong. The plugin should be the name of the library that your plugin is compiled as, this needs to be in your library easrch path as well (LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

the name is the name you give to player in your drivers register function, this should be something specific to your driver such as rfid70.


On 31/08/2007, Brad Towle <> wrote:

I am trying to code a custom RFID driver, however I always get confused when
I have to make the .cfg files.

I am getting the following errors AFTER player successfully initialize my

error   : Couldn't find driver "RFID"
error   : failed to parse config file simple.cfg

As far as I can see the mistake is either here in my config file:

        name "RFID"
        plugin "RFID"
        provides ["6665:rfid:0"]

Or here in my driver code, I am not sure what the flag for RFID is?
rfid70Driver::rfid70Driver(ConfigFile * cf, int section):Driver


L Is this right?

Any help would be appreciated.  My driver is being compiled to a file called and it is in the working directory.

Brad Towle
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