I think you need a little more than just the one line in the log. If you look you look through your log you will see a couple of different types of entry, there are laser entries and position2d entries probably. Each entry is also potentially more than one line, particularlly if your editor wraps. I would test again with an log file that has at least two of each type of reading.


On 28/08/07, Dongqing <dongqshi@gmail.com> wrote:


I have trouble to build the map using pmaptest.
After run # player segway_test.cfg
I got the map.log file.

However, when run #pmaptest map.log
It returns:
allocating 8192 bytes for scans
allocating 217 Mb of map space (estimated lower bound)

saving coarse.out
saving coarse.pgm
coarse phase complete; switching to fine

Then it took forever to finish, though the map.log is only one line as
The map.log is simply one line:

## Player version 2.0.4
## File version 0.3.0
## Format:
## - Messages are newline-separated
## - Common header to each message is:
##   time     host   robot  interface index  type   subtype
##   (double) (uint) (uint) (string)  (uint) (uint) (uint)
## - Following the common header is the message payload
1188236876.658 16777343 6665 laser 00 004 001  +0.000  +0.000   0.000
0.150   0.150

the configure file is:

  name "sicklms200"
  provides ["laser:0"]
  port "/dev/ttyS0"
  resolution 100
  range_res 10
  name "segwayrmp"
  provides ["position2d:0" "position3d:0" "power:0"]
  canio "kvaser"
  max_xspeed 1.5
  max_yawspeed 80
  name "writelog"
  provides ["log:0"]
  requires ["laser:0" "position2d:0"]
  filename "map.log"
  alwayson 1

Thanks for helping.

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