Hi all,
First a bit of background. The has been a very small but long standing memory leak in player where we cant properly free message queues because a message on a driver queue may have a reference to it still. A solution to this is to make the queues into autopointers that have reference counting built in. A patch doing this has just been applied to CVS head.

The reason that this memory leak has been around for so long is that it is small and infrequent (on unsubscribe) and also that there is no good way to fix it without some small change to some critical API calls. Specifcially ProcessMessage and Publish. There are no changes to the client API for this patch, but every driver in CVS has been updated (hopefully) and any drivers outside of CVS will need to be updated.

The changes are:
These are described here as well:

When I get home tonight I will add a small bash script to the wiki page that you can use to perform these updates automatically.


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