Hi all,
Sometime next week I would like to release player 2.1-rc1. I would expect there will be a couple of extra RC versions following this depending on the issues found with it and the final 2.1 release will be about a month later. In order to keep the RC process as clean as possible and encourage early uptake it would be best if there are no API changes once the first RC comes out. This means that if anyone has any interface, driver or client API changes they are pondering and they think would be good to have in 2.1 then these should be added to CVS or proposed on this list ASAP...

Things that I am aware of out there:
 - Any changes needed to support Stage 3.0 or gazebo 0.8
 - Dynamic map updates
 - Vector map changes (these should be in by Wednesday for those that are interested)

Obviously if there is a really good reason for late changes they will still be considered.


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