If you change the PLAYER_POSITION2D_CODE part of
to one of the other player interface enumerations and do the same with the provides line in your config file you should be fine with any interface. If you want to support multiple interfaces you should look at the multiinterface plugin.

In terms of writing your own interfaces you have a couple of options...some of these will only work with player CVS (2.1)
1) Manually add your own interface to player (search the mailing list for others who have done this)
2) Use the opaque interface, this allows you to send arbitrary binary data, great for one off interfaces but not great for reuse etc
3) Use an existing interface and use the new property bag support to add driver specific configuration
4) Use the new plugable interface code, this has not been used widely yet but we are looking for testers
5) Just find an existing interface or combination of interfaces that will work.

What do you need your interface to do? I would assume saying hello is just a test to learn about the drivers :)


On 26/07/07, Brad Towle <btowleii@hotmail.com> wrote:

I managed to get my hello driver working, however I have to use the interface

After I commented out the prior position2d the driver worked fine.  Now my
question is how do I change that to another interface, and can I make my

I am using the example driver file that at one time was up on the web, I
think it is still there.  I found this line and changed the
PLAYER_POSITION2D_CODE to various other interfaces.  Obviously I changed the
.cfg file as well.

helloDriver::helloDriver(ConfigFile * cf, int section)



I changed this part of the code

        name "hellodriver"
        plugin "hellodriver"
        provides ["6669:positio2d:0"]
        )                           /\
                        Along with this part in the .cfg file.
After changing these to parts to various other interfaces the driver did not
work.  It only works when I use position2d.

So I can't figure out how do you change interfaces for the driver file, and
can you make your own interface or do you have to use one that is built in.

Thanks in advance you guys are great.
Brad Towle
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