So this begs the question, should we be creating a Player Foundation to hold the copyright to playerstage, or alternatively should we transfer copyright to one individual (Brian?) to ease any of these sorts of questions in the future?
Not expecting an answer, but thought I would float the idea to see what thoughts on the area are...


On 5/23/07, Geoffrey Biggs <> wrote:
Brian Gerkey wrote:
> That's the result of vestigial cut-n-paste, and should be fixed.  In
> my recollection, Toby and I wrote 95% of the 2.0 core libs, with
> leftover bits from Andrew and Richard, and substantial contributions
> from Geoff.

Oh, well in that case, I grant permission for all of my contributions to
the Player core libraries, excluding libplayerdrivers, to be licensed
under the LGPL.


Robotics research group, University of Auckland

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