Hi Magda,

That's the first time I've heard about this problem. I have never tested this behaviour myself, so you may well have found a bug that (a) people should know about, and (b) someone should fix, probably me!

Would you mind filing a bug report, please? That way it gets in my stack of things to do.


On 16-Nov-05, at 3:03 PM, Magdalena Bugajska wrote:

Has anybody tried to loop around simulations in stage?  

I'm using libstage directly, i.e. no player, just like in stest.c.  If I put the loop around the whole content, the program runs only several times before getting a bus error.  It looks like it might be going into a recursive call around ParseTokenEntity or just runs out of memory.  I tested this not only on my own software, but also on stes after putting a loop around its contents and limiting number of updates that are done (I changed the while loop to a for loop). 

I'm currently using cvs code from 2005-05-12 which was a first version that allowed using stage standalone.  Could somebody confirm that my problem went away in the newer version before I try to update?

-- Magda


Richard Vaughan

School of Computing Science / Simon Fraser University