Hi All,


The OS is Gentoo.


I am trying to compile player-3.0.2 and get the following error,


make install

[  1%] Built target playercommon

[  1%] Generating functiontable_gen.h

[  2%] Built target functiontable_gen

[  2%] Generating interface_table.h

[  3%] Built target interface_table

[  3%] Generating player_interfaces.h

[  4%] Built target player_interfaces

[  4%] Building C object libplayerinterface/CMakeFiles/playerinterface.dir/functiontable.o

/usr/local/src/player-3.0.2/libplayerinterface/functiontable.c:119: error: 'PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE' undeclared here (not in a function)

/usr/local/src/player-3.0.2/libplayerinterface/functiontable.c:120: error: 'player_add_replace_rule_req_pack' undeclared here (not in a function)

make[2]: *** [libplayerinterface/CMakeFiles/playerinterface.dir/functiontable.o] Error 1

make[1]: *** [libplayerinterface/CMakeFiles/playerinterface.dir/all] Error 2

make: *** [all] Error 2


When I run grep to try and locate the PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE declaration I get the following and as can be seen PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE does not appear to be declared anywhere.



client_libs/libplayerc/client.c:    req_header.addr.interf = PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE;

libplayercore/message.cc:    syncHeader.addr.interf = PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE;

libplayerinterface/functiontable.c:  {PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_SYNCH, 0,

libplayertcp/playerudp.cc:    if(!device && (hdr.addr.interf != PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE))

libplayertcp/playerudp.cc:          if(hdr.addr.interf == PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE)

libplayertcp/tcpremote_driver.cc:       hdr.addr.interf = PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE;

libplayertcp/playertcp.cc:    if(!device && (hdr.addr.interf != PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE))

libplayertcp/playertcp.cc:          if(hdr.addr.interf == PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE)

server/drivers/shell/writelog.cc:    case PLAYER_PLAYER_CODE:



Has anyone else experienced this problem?  If you need more info can you let me know and I will gather it.




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