I had the same problem. As it turned out I had to tell pmap which laser to use from the log.
ie add "pmap_test --laser_index 1 logFile"

http://www-robotics.usc.edu/~ahoward/pmap/group__pmap__test.html  has more details.


Hope that helps, Bart

On 6/28/07, Vaibhav Ghadiok <vaibhavghadiok@gmail.com> wrote:

Well, I installed Player 2.0.4 and when I ran pmaptest (Shell Script), the PF utility window opened and it just stayed grey in colour. Even the fine.out and coarse.out that are saved are grey. There are no error messages generated on the console though.

The output of coarse.out and fine.out is as given below.

# Coarse trajectory for log file [/home/vaibhav/Desktop/Data Sets/Data Set ap_hill_07b/onboard- intel0-7000-28-01-04-14-30.log]
# Format is: scan_index pos_x pos_y rot

# Fine trajectory for log file [/home/vaibhav/slam/Data Sets/test_data.log]
# Format is: scan_index pos_x pos_y rot

I have tried various log files including a test file that comes with the stand alone pmap package.


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