Hello  Toby,
thanx for your quick reply. i am using the pioneer robot which uses the senscomp's  sonars. the problem is that when i am using the bfh driver on that for vfh algorithm that requires the position and laser so that if i use that by using sonar that is not working. i didnot have sicklaser with me. so i need to use the sonar please suggest me the solution for this. \

kumar mukesh

On 2/16/06, Toby Collett <tcollett+player@plan9.net.nz> wrote:
The drivers for player/stage are for specific items of hardware, player
has both a laser and sonar interface but we need to know the specific
models of hardware you are using before we can tell you if a driver is


mukesh.kumar123@gmail.com wrote:
> hello friends,
> in player-1.6.5 drivers are available for laser named as sicklms200 but
> i need driver for laser is ther any driver is available for sonar.
> please provide the possible solution.
> --
> Mukesh Kumar

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