seems like too obvious to me, but u did do SetMotorEnable(1); (see line 506 Have you tried your client prgm with Stage? See if it drives a robot around? Much easier to debug that way. You would know its not your driver prgm.

Looking at, it does the same thing:
    PlayerClient robot(gHostname, gPort);
    Position2dProxy pp(&robot, gIndex);
    LaserProxy lp(&robot, gIndex);

    std::cout << robot << std::endl;

    pp.SetMotorEnable (true);

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 4:47 PM, Robotik <> wrote:


i want to send a velocity command out of my driver to the p2os driver. I do
with the following code.

 player_position2d_cmd_vel_t cmd;
 cmd.vel.px =  0; =  0; =  12;


After starting player and connecting to my driver nothing happens.
When i start a client like playerjoy the robot spins. It looks like the
robot is waiting for an enable command but i can't find anything in the
Any ideas?
Thx Holger
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