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Hi Brian 
I asked a question few days ago but no one replid.I am getting position data 
from my wheelchair using my plugin driver and then I fill a structure which is 
player_position_data_t type and then try to read the position data in a client 
program. But I get all zeros. Why the data is not changing? and after few 
seconds this warning appears on the server console. 
warning : 32 bytes leftover on write() to client 
I tried to figure out the correct way of putting the data but did not succeed. 

You don't say which client library you are using, so I'll guess C++.
Are you calling the Read() method of the client before inspecting the proxy data, like in the C++ examples?

How the server would differentiate my wheelchair from a p20s robot when both 
would be using the position interface. 

It can't. The interface is an abstraction that hides the differences between hardware implementations. If this isn't clear, you can read about it in our paper "Device Abstractions for Portable Robot Code", on the website.