My name is Hugo and I am currently using the CVS version of Gazebo. I have manage to get gazebo and wxgazebo to work but I am still unable to get Terrain Builder Utility to work. It said that it is unable to find gdal_priv.h but I have installed gdal according to the instruction on the manual. The reason I need to to use the Terrain Builder Utility is to create the maze.gzb file which I need for a simulation. Since I am unable to get the terrain Builder Utility to work, I would like to know if someone can please send me a copy of the maze.gzb  or something very similar to a map with hallways and rooms to my email "hugo.ngan@gmail.com" (this is because I know there is a size limit on the mailing list). I would be very grateful.

Much Appreciated,

Thank you,

Hugo Ngan