Hi all,

I am using gazebo 0.5.2 and it would be very appreciated if someone can clarify something for me because I am a beginner in Linux. i am using a Nvidia Fx5200 and I am able to run gazebo but I am having trouble with wxgazebo. When I run wxgazebo, I get the following error.

File "/usr/local/bin/wxgazebo", line 4, in ?
from wxgazebo.main import main
ImportError: No module named wxgazebo.main

But after setting my PYTHONPATH to /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages. I get the error that wxpthyon is not installed and asked me to go to http://wxPython.org.  This is strange because i did install wxpython common 2.6, wxpython GTK 2.6 and wxpython devel 2.6. I have also read some mails in the mailing list. One of them said this:

I had that problem and never pinpointed exactly what the problem was.  All I
know is that you have to have Python and wxPython 2.4 (anything later than
2.4 won"t work) installed correctly. Also remember to set your PYTHONPATH
variable correctly (e.g. /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages). Another
thing is that it seems that doing "make install" right after running
configure is what works and not "make", then "make install" like some docs
suggest. Hope that helps

So my question is: Is it true that I need to use wxpython 2.4 or older and if so where can I get the old version of wxpython for Fedora Core 3?

Also if I use wxpython common 2.6 and then wxpython 2.4...would that work for gazebo?


Thank you,

Hugo Ngan