I have a problem with amcl driver. I try to activate amcl_gps. After that I write my own driver to get gps-data. For this purpose, I need to modify the existing rt3xxx.
Now I try to compile it all together and start the player. For that I wrote a test.cfg. amcl requires here also gps:0
It compiles very well, but when I try to start test.cfg it gives the following error.
error   : Failed to load plugin amclpg.so.
error   : libtool reports error: file not found
error   : plugin search path: /home/ib/tmp/worlds/amcl:/vol/robot/lib:/home/ib/tmp/worlds/amcl:.:/vol/robot/lib/
error   : failed to load plugin: amclpg.so
error   : failed to parse config file simple2.cfg driver blocks

can anybody help me??