1. On executing pmap_test, I was getting the following error.

>allocating 8192 bytes for scans
>allocating 217 Mb of map space (estimated lower bound)
>incorrect range count; expecting 181, got 0

2. I was directed to this page by Mr. Matthias Wiedemann. http://www.nabble.com/Problems-with-Pmap_test-tf3078955.html#a8569604 . It is supposed to be a known error. But the error described in the message was

> allocating 8192 bytes for scans
> allocating 217 Mb of map space (estimated lower bound)
> token_count = 12
> lt-pmaptest: logfile.cpp:121: int logfile_read(logfile_t*): Assertion
> `self->token_count >= 13' failed.
> Aborted (core dumped)

3. I anyway tried to use the patch file (using Kompare) attached with the message , I get the following error.

>Could not upload the temporary file to the destination location . The temporary file is still available under: /tmp/kde-root/komparemRXVib.tmp. You can >manually copy it to the right place.

4. I made the changes manualy to the affected files but even then I get the same error.

I have recompiled everything.

I first compile the rmap file using

"g++ -c -o rmap.o rmap.cpp -I."
and then "make"

I am using player 2.03.