Hello everybody,


Today I decided to update my custom driver from Player-2.0.4 to Player-2.1.1


I manage to solve almost all the problems but there is still one I cannot solve.


I want to provide an ir interface, and seams I store well the data and I setup well the interface, but when I run `playerv` to test my interface I get the following error:


playerrc error : got NACK from request

playerv : error in pv_dev_ir.c

  get_geom failed : got NACK from request


Seams that my driver doesn’t send the ir sensors positions even if I process the message, or at least I try. I do like this:


Int AVR::ProcessMessage(MessageQueue & resp_queue, player_msghdr * hdr, void * data)



  If(Message::MatchMessage(hdr, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_REQ, PLAYER_IR_REQ_POSE, my_ir_addr))


    Publish(my_ir_addr, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_RESP_ACK, PLAYER_IR_REQ_POSE, (void*) &my_ir_pose, sizeof(my_ir_pose), NULL);




  PLAYER_WARN(“Unknown message.”)

  return (-1);



This is the part of my main code where I call the ProcessMessages() function:


Void AVR::Main()






    If (InQueue->Empty() == false)







What else is supposed I need to do to answer this request?


Thank you all for you help!

José V. Sogorb

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