Hi, I was wondering:

1. Is it possible to run player under windows, using cygwin for example? If yes is there some set of instructions. I found the following:
but refers to an older version of player as I thnk the latest do not depend on RTK2.
I also found the following but the link was unresponsive and the date posted is kind of old again.
13 Jul 2004
Bernard Guillot has provided patches to make Player and Stage build under Cygwin. The patches are merged in CVS. Read Bernard's instructions.

2. Is it possible to install and run gazebo under windows, using cygwin for example. Couldn't find anything with a google search except from the following email which has a reference that gazebo is a few steps away.
This is the same email as above in player.
Again if a yes/no asnwer and if someone has some set of instructions it would be great.

3. Is it possible to run stage under windows, using cygwin for example? Couldn't find anything revelant.

-- Yiannis