Hi all,

I have started player few days ago. Not yet implemented super duper things. Currently, using stage. We don't have pioneer or widelly supported HWs. instead, we have some robots that are manufactured by S.Korea.

I am just curious so lemme ask some questions to the experts.
  1. Why are you guys calling Client as the Controller program for Player Server. As I see every Client program is a Controller program. Traditionally, we called it Controller. I see there is Player server but they(Client and Server) in almost all cases reside in same robot(Computer).
  2. I have 3 robots. I want to install Player on robot1 and try to access from robot2 and robot3 for the sensor data of Player in robot1. Is this possible? if so, is this the way that Player is supporting distributed sensing?
  3. Is there any full manual and best practice example? I have read the online tutorials but i want to learn player as user also as a developer level.
  4. What is Player Device? and How is different from Hardware Device? i am confusing.
  5. Is asynchronous messaging among robots possible? for example, getting sensor data of robot1 while doing some other thing.

if i made some inapproprite questions, please ignore it. these are the questiosn bothering me.


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