Hi Arkapravo,
I fixed it, it was an installation issue. I had in /usr/local/lib libstage.so -> libstage.so.3.2.2 while libstage.so.4.1.1 was in /usr/local/lib64. Copied the later to /usr/local/lib and recreated the symbolic link, and now it is working ok. I also tried to update /etc/ld.so.conf with correct lib64 path but I couldn't get it to work, so eventually I had to stick with manually recreating the link.


On 10/24/2012 05:29 PM, Arkapravo Bhaumik wrote:
hi Radu,

As long as stage simple.world and player simple.cfg are working - I would guess that installation and path is not an issue. 

Though I am not 100% sure if this will solve your problem - even then, you are on stage 4.1.1 and some of the world/cfg files are written for stage 3.X.X, have a read here - http://blog.aus10.org/?p=125 .



On 24 October 2012 19:55, Radu Moisan <radu.moisan@intel.com> wrote:
I was following some instruction on the web to test the setup I have is
ok. I did the following:

radu@dell-desktop>stage worlds/fasr.world
Stage 4.1.1
  [Loading worlds/fasr.world][Include pioneer.inc][Include
map.inc][Include sick.inc][threads 2][Image "bitmaps/cave.png"]

radu@dell-desktop>player worlds/simple.cfg
Player v.3.1.0-svn

* Part of the Player/Stage/Gazebo Project
* Copyright (C) 2000 - 2009 Brian Gerkey, Richard Vaughan, Andrew Howard,
* Nate Koenig, and contributors. Released under the GNU General Public
* Player comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and you
* are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see COPYING
* for details.

error   : Failed to load plugin stageplugin.
error   : libtool reports error: file not found
error   : plugin search path:
error   : failed to load plugin: stageplugin
error   : failed to parse config file worlds/simple.cfg driver blocks

And I stuck there. I've seen the thread at
https://github.com/rtv/Stage/issues/14 but I have the latest Stage and
Player. What is that I'm doing wrong?


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