Thanks so much!  This corrected our problem.

Best regards,

At 08:07 PM 12/3/2003 -0800, Nate Koenig wrote:
Chris Jones just helped me out on this problem, and we put back changes
that should fix the problem.

The issues involved calling odom->Wait(), and some nice and subtle
byte-swapping problems.

The only changed file is

-nate and chris

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 18:38, wrote:
> More on our vfh problems -- when we start up Player on the Pioneer, then
> run playerv, we can't subscribe to vfh.  It hangs for a long time, then
> playerv comes back with the following error message:
> playerv - error in dev_position.c.  libplayerc error:  timed out waiting
> for server reply to request.
> (We can successfully subscribe to the position and laser devices using
> playerv.)
> Any ideas on what is causing this problem?  I'm still using the same
> config file I sent earlier today.
> Thanks,
> --Lynne
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