I have two questions. The first is regarding controlling multiple robots in one simulated stage environment, I'm a bit confused as to how this would work. In the .cfg file when creating a driver for the robot, you say "provides [ "position2d:0" "laser:0" ]". Do these zero's correspond to the index of the robot you would like to control? For example, if I wanted another robot in the Stage simulation environment, I would create another driver and have the line "provides [ "position2d:1" "laser:1" ]"? Also, when connecting to these proxies from the Player client, I assume to control the position of the first robot I would have something like "Position2dProxy pp(&robot, 0)" and to connect to the second robot "Position2dProxy pp(&robot, 1)". Is this correct?

My other question, is communication supported between the robots? What I would like to do is have some kind of message passing between either local robots or all the robots. The website is unclear or hard to find this information.

Chris Cannon