On 12/26/2011 05:07 PM, Alex Wood wrote:

I am writing a program to evolve robotic behaviour and I need to set
the options to run Player without a GUI and as fast as possible. On
the page http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/doc/Stage-manual-1.3.3-html/node16.html
the command line options are stated as -g and -f but these seem to
work only with Stage and not Player. The command I used to to start
Player is

player /home/alex/Downloads/Stage-4.0.0-src/worlds/simple.cfg

(I include the full command for clarities sake)

I read somewhere that you could include these arguments in the .world
or .cfg file which would solve me problems although I can't wee how.

All my program uses Player/Stage for is to retrieve the fitness of a
neural network in the task of wall following. So a simulation is run
for each chromosome to retrieve the fitness.

Any advice or ideas are welcome.



That's quite an old stage manual, the one corresponding to version 4 can be found at [1].  Those docs are somewhat out of date as well, they're missing the documentation for the "usegui" config file option.

To use Stage with Player without the GUI, you can add the config file option usegui 0 to the stage driver's simulation interface in the Player config file, underneath where you specify the worldfile name.


[1] http://rtv.github.com/Stage/group__player.html