On 11/25/2011 04:12 AM, berkia wrote:
hi! i've just install player/stage on ubuntu and i read a tutorial to
understand how to use it.
but i've got a problem?
my first project consists by a pioneer 2dx robot that looking for some
object that i put in the map.
i created correctly the world and the configuration files and i ended to
write the cc file (includes+functions+main);
now how i can tell to my robot (pioneer 2dx) to do what i wrote on the cc
file? where i have to specify it? in the world file?
I hope I was clear!
So you wrote a Player client program for your robot?  When the Player server is running, a client program connects to the server over the network.  In practice, this means starting Player in one terminal window, then running your program in another.  See the Quick Start guide[1] on the wiki, but instead of using the laserobstacleavoid client program you should use your own client.


[1] http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/wiki/Quick_start_guide