On 11/23/2011 07:12 AM, Dominic Roberts wrote:

Has anyone recently installed Player and Stage on Windows? I've tried
installing using cygwin, msys/mingw and with visual studio 2010 (latest
version) and 2008 (version tested in windows install tutorial). It's also
worth mentioning that the source that I'm using to install from have been
successfully installed on a linux system.

Player version - 3.0.1 (from svn a month or so ago)
Stage version - 4.0.0 (downloaded tarball)

When compiling with cygwin, it fails (initially) because of the "nimu"
driver as it uses some unix commands but can't because it's actually
running on windows. When running ccmake to disable nimu, it aborts and
dumps a stackdump file with a very helpful list of registry values :/ . A
colleague manually went through the source code; commented out includes to
usb.h and other associated code. He did this for the nimu, nxt and acr120u
drivers. He also commented out some code in portio.h. Lastly, he modified
the library build scripts to make them create .dll files instead of .so
files (literally by replacing .so with .dll). The player 'install' will
now run from within cygwin, in the usr/local/lib directory with the
dummy.cfg file. It throws up errors if run with simple.cfg:
"couldn't find p2os_position" and "failed to parse config file
player/config/simple.cfg driver blocks". The p2os driver hasn't touched by
me or my colleague. Obviously, even if this setup could be made to work,
it wouldn't be ideal.

With non-modified source code:

When compiling with cmake windows gui and visual express studio 2008;
cmake will compile and generate fine but visual studio will give me a
plethora of errors about .dll linkage and other things too long to list

When compiling with cmake windows gui and visual express studio 2010;
cmake will compile and generate but will give me two warnings about being
unable to fine msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll.
when running visual studio 2010, it gives more errors than in 2008.

When/if this does install then this particular install of player will
always be run with stage and doesn't actually need any of the drivers.
Just in case that's helpful. Any more information needed and I'd be happy
to give it.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I haven't tested Player under Windows recently, so it's possible that there are new or newly-enabled drivers that aren't building properly.  I know that the Player 3.0.2 release builds with Visual Studio 2008 without too much effort, there are directions for doing so on the Player wiki[1].  There are also several discussions on this list from around the 3.0.2 release date.  I may try to build 3.1.0 later this week on Win7 64 with vs2008 and vs2010 to see if I can replicate these errors.

Stage currently isn't supported on Windows.  I haven't heard of anyone getting it to work on Windows, but if FLTK and all of its dependencies are available then it may be worth a shot.


[1] http://playerstage.sourceforge.net/wiki/Windows