I'm still new to Linux and Player-Stage in general, so I'll try to explain my situation.

I have installed Player-Stage in Ubuntu 9.04.  I load the simple world by doing the following...

robot-player simple.cfg &

This loads Stage, and the robot is idle.  Well, I have inherited and appended to a CPP file that controls the robot.  It's called controller.cpp, and I compile it and run it from the command line.  After running it, the robot becomes active (I can see the sensor pings and the robot moves).  Well, I want to add more functionality to the robot.  I want to use PlayerJoy to control the robot; I type: robot-playerjoy    in the command line, and I can then move and control the robot.  Well, as PlayerJoy is an EXTERNAL program, my controller.cpp cannot view my inputs.  How can I make it so my controller.cpp can read my actions on the keyboard in directing the robot's actions?

Thank you.

S. R.