hello to all:
   I'm a new learner to linux and right now I have installed player2.0.0 and stage2.0.0 in my redhat9 os successfully.But the problem is that when I modify the stage worlds file simple.world to create another robot name "robot2",but when I enter"stest /usr/local/share/stage/worlds/simple.world robot1 robot2" in the terminal ,a stage window bounce up with only robot1 moving around ,but robot2 doesn't move.then I enter "stest /usr/local/share/stage/worlds/simple.world robot2 robot1"in the terminal ,robot2 can move around but robot1 can't.it seems that "stest" command  only controls one robot,and can't control more robots.
  Does anybody know other commands which can contorl multi-robots?
  In addition,When I installed stage I only  found one command in the /usr/local/bin for stage ,that is "stest"conmand
and no "stage"command.when I enter"stage" in the terminal it says:command not found.Does anybody know what my problem is?

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