just an idea: browse the spca5xx list of supported webcams, as this driver should work with the v4l api and therefore with player/stage (via the camerav4l driver)
as a rule of thumb, I'd say most cheap usb webcams should work: I purchased two of 'em (generic chinese brand) in the last year and they both worked instantly (out of the box support with recent kernels, need to compile and load a module with older versions)
(as a side note, I'd recommend all OS X users to take a look at the MACAM driver, which incorporates some of the spca code: using a 10$ cam instead of a much pricey firewire one could turn out a valuable option ;-) )

Mirko Bordignon - University of Padova, Italy

Il giorno 25/ago/06, alle ore 19:10, Odest Chadwicke Jenkins ha scritto:


After a mad search through the documentation, I am wondering what USB 
cameras will work with Player 2.0.0 ?  I would really appreciate to hear 
what USB cameras people have working with Player because we are trying 
to purchase compatible hardware.


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