Hello Malika,

As I had similar problems earlier and could them get solved with the help of this list I forward it to you:

Von: Sebastian Rockel <sebastianrockel@googlemail.com>
Datum: 16. November 2009 19:57:21 MEZ
An: playerstage-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Betreff: Re: [Playerstage-users] Wavefront driver not working?

Thanks to you Michael and Paul,

I got wavefront (+ amcl + vfh) working with Stage as Paul suggested:)
(Basically I did one player instance for Stage plugin and one for the rest)


Am 16.11.2009 um 15:56 schrieb Paul Osmialowski:

I never run wavefront and Stage in the same Player instance, the Stage 
instance is started first, then wavefront with 'alwayson 1' is started in 
other Player process (waiting on other TCP port). Also, for multirobot 
environments I never run more than one wavefront driver in one Player 
instance. Instead, I'm preparing some bash script that starts several 
Player instances waiting on different TCP ports, each running one 
wavefront driver.

I did basically have in my stage cfg file only:

# load the Stage plugin simulation driver
  name "stage"
  provides ["simulation:0"]
  plugin "stageplugin"
  # load the named file into the simulator
  worldfile "pnav_stage.world"

  name "stage"
  provides ["odometry:::position2d:0" "laser:0"]
  model "r0"

All other drivers run in a separate player instance on a different port, e.g. 6666 (note the default port is 6665 in the stage cfg file).

A bash script finally makes my life easier to start all instances appropriate.

Hope that helps,