I'm going to quote your comment every time I talk about Player for the rest of time.
Thanks for brightening my Friday. 

But before too long we hope to do a little better for users than the manual and client examples. Player has grown more complex over the years, and some of the best features of Player are hard to get one's head around at first. Therefore we want to (i) improve the layout and completeness of the manual, and (ii) write some task-driven HOWTOs to help people up the learning curve after "P/S Getting Started". For example, "Making a map of your building", "How to save a year of work in an afternoon by configuring Playernav, AMCL, VFH and the Wavefront Planner", or "Writing a Player driver for your robot". 

Brian and I agreed heartily this week that this should happen. Then we changed the subject before anyone suggested we start actually writing them. Player-2.0 is still the top priority this side of Christmas. 

If anyone feels they want to contribute to the HOWTO effort, perhaps a Wiki would be a good way to get started?


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Read the documentation.  It is frightfully easy to develop client code, it is the robust behavior development that will drive you crazy.

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[Playerstage-users] C++ code


Any good tutorial to writing clients for player/stage would be exactly
what I want though. I have heard that people publish their client codes
and I can get them, but my googling didnt get me anywhere.

Appreciate your help.
Thank you.

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