hi !

i m a newbie to P/S/G and linux and encountered a problem while following the instructions given in the documentation (regarding compiling and linking programs with libgazebo).

i started gazebo with simple.world and could move the Pioneer robot. Then i wanted to get its position using a C/C++ program and used the example provided by u on sourceforge.net...
gcc -Wall -g3 `pkg-config --cflags gazebo` -c -o simple.o simple.c
gcc simple.o -o simple `pkg-config --libs gazebo`

i took care of the 'backticks' but couldnt see any thing happening
at the command prompt, when i used the position control
of gazebo to move the bot. i expected to see some numbers, but the screen
showed nothing.

what output should i get/expect ?? even using the Makefile.example
ddnt work :(

thanks in advance,

(Researcher, Fraunhofer-AIS Bonn)


: am Haehnchen
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Bonn, Germany

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